The Complete Guide to Running 360 Performance Reviews

The Complete Guide to Running 360 Performance Reviews 

Employee feedback can help in the growth of an employee both personally as well as professionally. Well, feedback can help employees to improve themselves. While managers and HR can easily review the performance of employees, it can be a biased one. Organizations often try to use various kinds of apps and tools in order to review the performance of employees. One such tool is 360 degree feedback.

In today’s changing world, organizations are trying to look forward to various ways that can review the performance of employees so that they can improve their performance. 360 performance review is an assessment tool that helps in getting feedback about an employee. The feedback is provided by peers, colleagues, managers, clients, and even customers. When the performance of an employee, is reviewed by others, it can help employees to learn their strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, it can help them to improve their performance.

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360 Degree Feedback

It is often referred to as multi-rater feedback or 360 degree appraisal or 360 degree performance assessment. Through this process, individuals can ask others to provide a feedback on their performance along with their skills, behavior, and competencies in their job.

What Is 360 Reviews?

Employees are often prosaic with the traditional reviews that are usually provided by their superiors or managers on a yearly basis. Previously, an employee used to receive feedback only from their seniors. However, this kind of feedback was not proving to be very helpful for an organization. With 360 degree feedback, it became easy, to determine the success and failure of an employee, in performing their duties. In short, the multi-rater tool is designed to work as 360 performance review for employees.

How does It Work?

As discussed, 360 degree feedback is an effective tool that can help in measuring the capabilities. For example, it can measure distinctive skills of a person such as communication, decision making skills, and innovation. It is a good tool through which peers can draw the attention of employees on their weak areas. For example, if the person is good as a leader.360 performance review

360 performance review can also help in highlighting the performance gaps. Thereby, it can help HR team can easily get a deeper insight about an employee’s performance. In fact, once the HR or managers identifies the gaps, they can easily address them. For this, one can organize various sorts of workshops or programs, so that the respective employees, to improve themselves.

How Can It Help Employees?

As it provides a feedback from various sections of an organization, it can help in employee and leadership development. It can also help in embedding cultural values. In fact, it can aid individuals to progress.

360 performance review can help organizations as well as individuals. As it help organizations to focus on some important issues. They are:

  • Identifying the skill that needs to be developed by a person.
  • Measuring whether an individual has made any progress or not.
  • Identifying the blind spots and its impact on others.
  • Understanding if an individual has contributed to the growth of the company.